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Since introducing THE WAND into my practice new patient referrals have skyrocketed. My patients benefit, and so does my bottom-line. I will never go back to the techniques I used before.

– Dr. Charles Patterson

THE WAND System is by far the best asset to our practice. The ease of administering anesthesia to the single tooth has cut the trauma out of the dental experience for our patients.

– Christine Maggio, Office Manager

I absolutely love the THE WAND device from Milestone. It shortens my treatment time allowing me to see more patients and increase productivity for each patient. Best of all, pain management for the patient is phenomenal. Some patients don’t even realize that I just anesthetized them. I virtually eliminated lower blocks for my restorative and endodontic procedures. It’s good for the practice and even better for the patient. You would be insane not to use this technology. True practice builder!

– Dr. Paul J. Kim

THE WAND system is absolutely awesome! I’ve been using it in my practice for eight months and I could never go back to giving conventional blocks again. It is one of those technologies, like digital radiography, that are so much better than their predecessors. Let’s put it this way …if I need a local anesthetic for treatment I’ll search out a WAND dentist!

– Dr. Tom Gallivan, Jr

We dentists are often over-promised by dental manufactures about products or equipment that sometimes fail to live up to expectations. I am pleased to report that THE WAND local anesthetic delivery system has exceeded mine! I can anesthetize any single tooth in the mouth for any operative procedure I need to perform (yes lower second molars). This is accomplished by simply holding a handle containing a small needle against the neck of the tooth. Upon completion of the application of the anesthetic, you can go to work. No waiting – a great time saver. The placement of the anesthetic is completely painless, the tooth is totally anesthetized (no more missed mandibular injections) and you can go to work immediately. But the greatest benefit is realized by our patients. My patients leave the office without a numb tongue, cheek or lip and since I did not give them an injection, there are not puncture wounds to create post-operative discomfort. The comments that they will shower upon you and your staff about how terrific this system is will “make your day” over and over again. This system is the BEST internal marketing program ever!

– Dr. Chuck Stratton

I have been using THE WAND for the past 12 years. My patients have appreciated the comfortable injections from a device that doesn’t look like a syringe. I have recently upgraded to the new WAND and have been extremely happy with the new advances. Although I have used THE WAND for all local anesthesia, I never had such predictability with single tooth injections as I now have. The STA Mode/ Cruise Control is a fantastic addition. I would recommend this device to anyone who values their patient’s comfort, and would like a predictable approach to single tooth anesthesia.

– Dr. Rob Wortzel

THE WAND system has literally changed my life! I would say there have only been a handful of dental tools that have greatly impacted the way I practice dentistry, and THE WAND system is one of them. THE WAND system has impacted my practice in the following ways: It has decreased my stress in trying to achieve a lower mandibular block every time. By achieving anesthesia so quickly, I am able to see more patients on a daily basis and my overall production has increased. My patients are impressed with this “The state of the art” technology and even happier with the comfort of the injection. They are quick to tell their friends and family which has sky-rocketed my patient referrals. Many of my patients who work would never schedule a procedure in the middle of the day because of profound and lasting anesthesia. With THE WAND system, patients are now willing to come in at any time, knowing they will be able to communicate effectively at their job. This has also been a huge benefit in keeping our schedule filled during those mid-morning and mid-afternoon hours. As with most dentists, I spend the majority of my time in my office. To have a tool like THE WAND system to have such a dramatic impact on my daily life has been incredible! I highly recommend incorporating THE WAND system into your practice!

– Dr. Anna C. Ashley

Imagine going to a dentist and having no fear. Imagine being a dentist and truthfully saying to your patient that this process will be painless. THE WAND system makes that happen. Since I started using the system both me and my patients’ stress levels has dropped dramatically. When I inform them that there will be no more traditional syringes used in my practice they seem a bit skeptical, yet once I use the system on them they are totally convinced. In the first week using the system I have done an extraction, a root canal procedure and many fillings each using only THE WAND system. Each procedure was completed without pain and the patient left without any observable numbness, totally comfortable. This system is the future of dentistry, no one will want to practice without this system.

– Dr. Mitchell Adler

I wanted to let you know how THE WAND has changed my practice. Our patients are absolutely AMAZED as to how we deliver anesthetic! We hear on a regular basis, ‘What was that? Did you just numb my tooth?’ – I even have patients ask if the specialists I refer to use it as well. It’s nice to see children, who have never experienced dental anesthesia, leave their visit never having to experience the “anxiety” associated with “Syringe-Type” delivery methods. It’s stress free for the patients AND the Team! THE WAND is also very accurate, as well as less threatening. Anesthetic is delivered and almost immediately we can begin treatment! We, as well as the patients, appreciate the ability to maximize their visits by doing several quadrants of dentistry at a time. With the STA technique, we can work on both sides of the lower arch without losing complete feeling of the entire lower arch. As soon as I put THE WAND down, I can pick up the hand-piece and start preparing the crown! We have many patients referring to our practice purely for THE WAND experience! I would never go back to the ‘old school’ way of delivering anesthetic. Not when there is a less threatening more accurate method of delivery available. I can’t say enough of about it!

– Dr. Stacy Ochoa

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