Thought Leaders

“The Wand increases patient loyalty, drives referrals, and helps define my brand. It’s one of the top 10 reasons for my success, and is an instrument I can’t practice without.”

– Dr. Cynthia Brattesani

Clinician and nationally recognized author and lecturer

The Wand is better than the traditional syringe for patient comfort and it causes much less anxiety. The Wand differentiates our practice – patients love high tech dentistry and it gives them a much better overall experience.

– Dr. David Hornbrook

Internationally renowned cosmetic dentist, lecturer, educator, and clinical director at Keating Dental Arts

The Wand is one of those products that I can say honestly changed my life, and one I can’t practice without.

– Dr. Michael DiTolla

Clinician, speaker, and author, clinical director of Glidewell Dental Labs

The advantage of THE WAND as a pediatric dentist that treats children and disabled adults is that the patient receives local anesthesia quickly, painlessly, and I don’t have to worry about the patient going home and biting their lip or tongue due to the numb feeling.

– Dr. Fred Margolis

Pediatric dentist in IL, author, and teacher at the University of Illinois and Loyola University

For routine restorative needs, I haven’t given a block in 2 months, what a pleasure! This has applied to crowns, root canals and routine restorative dentistry.

– Dr. Lou Graham

Internationally recognized lecturer, author, and founder of Dental Team Concepts continuing education company. General Dentist practicing in Chicago, IL.

…minimizing disruptive behavior [caused by stress and fear] in the pediatric patient is a major benefit because they don’t even know they’re getting an injection.

– Dr. William H. Lieberman

Practicing dentist in NJ, Associate Clinical Professor, NYU, and past president of the American Society of Dentistry for Children and trustee for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

With THE WAND, what you are going to get is quick profound anesthesia on the mandible (using the STA technique). It lets me go straight to work without waiting 10 or 15 minutes to see if I got profound anesthesia.

– Dr. Martin Jablow

Clinician, speaker, and author who presents and publishes worldwide on topics related to state of the art dental technologies and materials

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