• About 80% of dental procedures are performed on a single tooth.
  • Patented technique can reduce the need for mandibular blocks, while increasing patient comfort and eliminating collateral numbness.


  • Patented flow rate and pressure settings allow for profound pulpal anesthesia while greatly improving patient comfort.
  • P-ASA & AMSA techniques allow for immediate smile line assessment (no collateral anesthesia).

Inferior Alveolar (Blocks)

  • The Wand is held like a pen which allows for a bi-rotational technique during insertion, reducing needle deflection and thus the number of missed blocks.
  • Can provide multi-cartridge anesthesia with a single injection.

Supra-Periosteal (Infiltrations)

  • Controlled flow rate ensures the fluid pressure of the injection is below the patient’s pain threshold.

How To Setup The Wand

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