I set-up my Wand System, the green LED Power light is on, I have inserted the cartridge holder and the Wand system has Auto-purged but when I depress the foot control nothing happens?

The most likely reason is that the foot control coupling was not tightly secured
to the connector on the bottom front of the Wand Drive Unit. Simply check and
re-tighten the white plastic coupling to the foot control connector to ensure it
is securely tightened.

First, check to see that the Auto Purge/Retract LED green light is illuminated
below the “Auto Purge/Retract” label on the front top of the control panel. If the
light is not “On” simply depress and release the “Hold to Retract” button once
and the LED will come on, indicating Auto-purge is now enabled. You will need
to remove and re-insert the cartridge holder for the unit to now auto-purge.
The second reason the Wand system may not auto-purge is that you did not
fully seat the cartridge into the holder and/or completely rotate the cartridge
holder 90 degrees within the cartridge holder socket on the top of the unit.
Check to see if the cartridge was fully seated into the cartridge holder and
check that the holder is fully rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise to complete
the auto purge.

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