What is and how do I use the multi-cartridge feature?

The multi-cartridge feature allows you to save anesthetic solution when you
use more than one anesthetic cartridge during a single treatment procedure.

Here is how to use the multi-cartridge feature. Determine which mode you
need to be in for the injection you are performing. Depress the “Hold to Train”
button once until you see the green LED light come on under the MultiCartridge
label. Load your anesthetic as usual. The unit will purge the first
cartridge and will not auto-purge subsequent cartridges. This wi ll allow you
to load additional cartridges for the same injection without withdrawing the
needle from the tissue and will save a small amount of anesthetic that would
have otherwise purged each time a new cartridge was loaded. Note: You can
only turn the multi-cartridge feature “On” when the socket holder is empty.

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