What do you mean by the pre-puncture technique and why is topical not needed?

The pre-puncture technique is a technique that is used to minimize the sensation
that can occur from needle penetration so that a topical anesthetic is
not necessary.

The technique is performed as follows:
Gently lay the bevel of the needle against the palatal tissue, but do not puncture
it. This can be achieved by holding the hand-piece at a 45 degree angle
to the palatal surface. Secure the tip of the needle in place by gently applying
pressure with a cotton applicator on the needle tip and tissue. This causes
pressure anesthesia and will help to absorb any excess anesthetic and make
for a more comfortable needle entry. Next, initiate cruise control by depressing
the foot control pedal. After 3 seconds the Wand System will announce
“cruise”. Upon hearing the “cruise” announcement remove your foot from the
foot control pedal.

This begins the anesthetic flow to the injection site- allowing anesthetic to
contact and diffuse through the outer layers of the gingiva and mimics the
effect of a topical anesthetic. Do not puncture the tissue at this time. Continue
to allow the needle to stay on the surface for 8-10 seconds before initiating
penetration of the surface. You may now slowly penetrate the surface
of the tissue by gently rotating the needle back and forth.

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