When I remove the needle from the PDL space there is a spray-back of anesthetic
solution into the patients mouth causing an unpleasant taste. How can
I prevent that?

When properly performing the lntraligamentary Injection there’s an internal
build-up of fluid pressure within the hand-piece tubing. This excess pressure
is relieved when the needle is removed from the PDL tissues sometimes resulting
in spray-back of anesthetic solution.

There are 3 simple ways you can minimize spray-back into your
patient’s mouth.

First Alternative: Wait 15 to 20 seconds before removing the needle to
allow the build up of the pressure to dissipate within the periodontal tissues
before removing the needle.

Second Alternative: Use a cotton-roll or cotton-applicator adjacent to the
needle tip to absorb the anesthetic solution upon removal of the needle
tip from the sulcus.

Third Alternative: Remove the needle from PDL tissues as soon as
Aspiration starts. Aspiration creates a suction at 1-2 seconds of the
aspiration cycle, removing the needle as soon as aspiration starts relieves
the pressure and prevents spray back.

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