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About The Wand

The state of the art digital platform for local anesthesia, The Wand Computer Assisted Anesthesia System builds practices by greatly improving patient satisfaction, driving increased loyalty and referrals, and differentiating the dental practice.


Hear Dr. Cynthia Brattesani’s take on how The Wand sets her practice apart…everyday.

Know how to insert The Wand in your practice

Dr. Kelly Monroe relates some of the benefits for her patients and her practice.

Since introducing THE WAND into my practice new patient referrals have skyrocketed. My patients benefit, and so does my bottom-line. I will never go back to the techniques I used before.

Dr. Charles Patterson

I absolutely love the THE WAND device from Milestone. It shortens my treatment time allowing me to see more patients and increase productivity for each patient. Best of all, pain management for the patient is phenomenal. Some patients don’t even realize that I just anesthetized them. I virtually eliminated lower blocks for my restorative and endodontic procedures. It’s good for the practice and even better for the patient. You would be insane not to use this technology. True practice builder!

Dr. Paul J. Kim

THE WAND system is absolutely awesome! I’ve been using it in my practice for eight months and I could never go back to giving conventional blocks again. It is one of those technologies, like digital radiography, that are so much better than their predecessors. Let’s put it this way …if I need a local anesthetic for treatment I’ll search out a WAND dentist!

Dr. Tom Gallivan, Jr

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